Sunnyvale Trenchless Sewer Repair

Have you ever thought about where the water goes when you flush toilet or pull the plug in the bathtub? Before it gets to the city sewer system it has to leave your house through the main sewer drain. If all of your drains are running slow, there might be a tree root clogging in the main drain line.

That's not the only time you might want to call a professional Sunnyvale plumber though. If you have any of the following issues, you might have a broken drain line leaking wastewater into your yard -

  • Slow running drainsour Sunnyvale trenchless sewer repair team uses the snake camera to inspect the sewer lines
  • Gurgling sounds
  • An indoor or outdoor sewage odor
  • Wet areas on the property near the drain run
  • Cracking or structural damage along the wall, floor or foundation

Professional Inspection & Repair

Our Sunnyvale trenchless sewer repair team will inspect your main drain line with a fiberglass snake camera to see if you have a break in the line or just a really bad clog. Depending on the scope of the problem, our Sunnyvale plumbers will suggest one of four solutions. In the case of a clog with no damage to the pipes, we will suggest a power auger service that will mechanically clear out the clog. For compromised pipes we will either suggest a spot repair, restoration and relining or a trenchless sewer replacement.

A sewer line spot repair targets a single break in sewer line caused by an invasive tree root or an unfortunate digging accident. We can pinpoint these cracks with our camera and leak detection equipment and repair the broken area while only digging one hole in your yard. The repair consists of completely removing the broken section and replacing it and coupling it to both ends of the undamaged pipe. We use copper coupling in the case of invasive root issues to deter the chances of a recurrence.

Top Notch Restoration and Relining Service in Sunnyvale

our Sunnyvale plumbers added this new pipe lineIf your sewer line has corroded and is in danger of springing multiple leaks, a restoration and relining service is in order. This can be done with our Sunnyvale plumbing epoxy system. The epoxy will seal the entire drain line, increase the efficiency of your drains, prevent root intrusion, and prevent future pipe failure for 40 or more years. Restoration and relining can be done on pipes ranging from 2" to 8" in diameter, so most residential and small commercial lines can be restored.

The other option that we offer is a full trenchless sewer replacement. Our Sunnyvale plumbers use a pipe bursting machine to break up the old pipe while installing a new one. Only two holes need to be made in this process – one at the connection to the city sewer system and one at the exit point from the building.

This means no digging up parking lots or lawns. The trenchless sewer replacement is also much faster than a traditional sewer install and can often be finished in a single day.