Sunnyvale Garbage Disposal Repair

our Sunnyvale garbage disposal repair team fixes any type of garbage disposalsGarbage disposals are a convenience that we often take for granted. When they fail, it can really cause a mess.

The good news is that our Sunnyvale garbage disposal repair & replacement specialists won't quit until you've got a garbage disposal that you can actually rely on. That means no more clogs, no more shaking sinks, no more underpowered or ineffective units, and no more sounds like a garbage truck going by.

Clogged Garbage Disposals

sink clogged on the disposal sideThe number one cause of a clogged garbage disposal is misuse. A clogged garbage disposal is most commonly caused by starchy item like a vegetable peel, or a fat buildup caused by pouring used grease down the sink. If your garbage disposal sounds like it's running but the sink is still clogged, there's your problem.


your Sunnyvale garbage disposal is making a humming soundIf your garbage disposal is making a humming sound but not grinding food scraps, something is preventing the blades from spinning. Typically the motor's safety switch has triggered to prevent the motor from burning out. If you believe that the blades are spinning but aren't effectively disposing of your food scraps, then there's probably an issue with the blades themselves. Depending on how the old unit is, it may make more sense for us to replace the blades or the unit itself.

Loud Garbage Disposals

one of our Sunnyvale garbage disposal repair techs is checking for leaksIf your disposal runs loud, even when nothing is going down it, you probably have a problem with the seating. A poorly installed garbage disposal will eventually shake itself free from its mounts, causing an unbearably loud noise.

While we don't necessarily recommend tightening your garbage disposal's mounts yourself, it is doable for the DIY-minded. Just be careful that you don't let the disposal fall, as it can cause bodily or structural harm. If you want to take the pain and risk out of the equation, we're always happy to handle it.

Motor Burn Outs

a Sunnyvale garbage disposal repair tech replaces a burn out motorSometimes a garbage disposal motor will burn out altogether. When that happens, Our Sunnyvale garbage disposal replacement team can pick up and install a unit in the same day, so you can get back to enjoying a garbage disposal as soon as possible. We only use the highest quality units from leading brands like Insinkerator, so you'll always get a unit that will last for years to come.